keepin’ up with the protein

12th April 2014

It has not been that difficult to keep my protein count at where it should be. I make sure to have my pure protein shake (35g protein) every morning that way i’m already half way there to the goal (65-75grams a day). I’m 6 weeks out from when I had the surgery and so I can eat more tasty foods. I’ve also completed my second week of work and for the most part, I feel like my old self, just with some modifications. Yeah, i can’t drink booze with my friends but that doesn’t mean I can’t go out with them and have fun all while drinking delicious water.

It’s funny, a few times at work co-workers have said “i feel bad eating _____ in front of you.” I immediately tell them not to feel bad at all. I’m not going to say I don’t miss having chinese food, a greasy burger, or ice cream but I don’t need it nor do i hunger for it as I did before the surgery. Those moments of missing those bad foods are fleeting and are gone within seconds. 

I saw Dr. Burch the other day for my monthly check up and he was all smiles. He said i was doing “exceptionally well” and that i’m on the right track. I can’t do any abdominal workouts for another 2 weeks but he liked that i’ve been swimming. I told him I was thinking of hiring a trainer and he thought that was a good idea but to find one that understands the surgery i had. 

Oh yes, and i’ve lost 30lbs since my pre-op weigh in a month and half ago. yay!


burst that bubble

28th March 2014

I’ve been searching for recipes that I can make knowing what I can consume. I thought about making a chicken cauliflower casserole. I may just throw them together, add cheese, maybe some broccoli and see what happens. Hopefully tasty goodness.

I went to Tender Greens for dinner last night with a friend/co-worker. Most of our convos are about work now a days since I haven’t been there in about a month. 

I went to work this morning for a tech meeting. I didn’t have to go but I thought it would be good for me to be there since I knew it would be about something big. I was right about it being something big for the tech dept but I should of stayed home and heard about it later. Today is my last day of freedom from work and stress and I just welcomed it when I went back in. I’m not supposed to work so I basically visited with co-workers and talked…about work.

Some asked how my time off was, if i was busy. I don’t think most even knew i was gone for a month. When I came home I told my bf about my time there and he asked “what did you expect?” I guess I was hoping for more… that’s so naive of me. I should treat work as work and not expect that those people that I spend numerous hours with each week to become something more than just co-workers. That goes for ppl that I thought were really close to me that I would say they are friends first, co-workers second. Maybe I was wrong. Making friends is not fun. My co-worker said he’s been going out to eat almost every week. I used to go out to eat with him and i cringed when I read what he said b/c I want to be apart of that but I don’t know how that will work. 

Anyways, I’m worried that going back to work will change my focus. I’m in my little bubble here at home where I can stay on top of my vitamin intake and food consumption. I don’t eat that much but I have it under control. I may not be the best developer at my work but I’m fucking passionate and willing to stay late, learn, and make cool shit (and make it right).

The news that I was told this morning in that meeting was about my boss leaving to start his own company. I’m not sure what this means for the team, whether people will jump ship or stick.

Either way, this new lifestyle is going wherever I go. 

give it up

14th March 2014

It’s been 11 days since I had my surgery. I feel pretty normal, considering what happened to me. I don’t really have any cravings but we’ll see what happens in the upcoming weeks/months. Next week I get to start eating more food, like tuna, fish, mashed potatoes, basically very soft food.

Giving things up will be the hardest thing for me to do. I know when I go back to work it will be tough. It’s hard to give up stuff I love, especially when i’m around friends. Timing when to eat, drink, take vitamins; I have to create this routine which is forming as each day goes by. I don’t go back to work until April so I would hope it would be concrete by the time i go back. 

I know how my routine at work was. I know my go to co-worker friend that when he had time, would leave to get food. We would go on adventures to find tasty food. I feel like that played a big roll in our friendship, us spending time during lunch.

Speaking of friendships, taking this much time off of work shows you what kind of friends you have. Friends that will call you up, message you online, even visit you b/c they miss you. I cherish my friends but I really love the ones that take that extra step to show they care about me and my health.

we’ll see what happens. 

One week down

10th March 2014

It’s been a week since i had my sleevectomy. I’m feel good and I’ve been walking around w/out much discomfort. 

I’m taking all my vitamins and trying to make the protein goal which is kind of hard to do. Drinking 75 grams of protein is hard :/ especially since I have to sip it. Where do I get? Protein shakes, chicken broth, and yogurt.

While I’m home I’ve gotten used to the vitamin taking routine and have done some studying for work. I’ve also caught up on every tv show I enjoy. Next week I start eating mashed potatoes, mashed tuna/halibut, sweet potato, etc. I don’t usually eat fish but I think i’ll start :D

Oh yeah, I’ve lost like 7lbs since the surgery. Thing is, Monday morning i weighed myself and I had lost a total of 11lbs in 2 weeks. When I went home from the hospital I weighed myself and i had gained 6lbs. Unsure how that happened, I’ll ask the Dr. Burch when i see him.

All The Liquid

2nd March 2014

Today started my two days of only drinking liquids. Today i drank water, chicken broth, Isopure (pictured below), and more water. I’m supposed to have two protein drinks a day. That’s where Isopure comes in. It’s 40 grams of protein in a 20oz, 160 calorie bottle. It tastes okay but that drink is going to be my best buddy for a while. I say that b/c I have to have 75g -100g of protein everyday. Why so much? It’s to preserve muscle mass, helps with cell and tissue repair, and helps fight infection. So much drinking.


To keep my mind occupied from not wanting to eat something, I’ve got out of the house and shopped. I went to Target, Sephora, and the Apple store. Apparently when I can’t eat anything I like to spend money. A lot of it. While I was at Target I thought about redesigning part of the house just so i can keep occupied.

I’m taking a month off of work and Friday was my last day. My cubemate was pretty awesome, got me flowers and threw a little party in our cube. I love what I get to do for a living and I enjoy working at my company so it kind of sucks to be leaving for a month. I’ve made a lot of good friends there and I’m kind of competitive so I hate being out of commission for a month.

While I’m home I figured why not challenge myself and decided to make an iOS app. Heck, maybe I’ll also become really good at piano now that i have all this free time. 

It’s almost midnight and I forgot I have sugar free popsicles and i’m allowed to have them so yay for me!!

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The count down begins

13th February 2014

I had my pre-op counseling session and appointment with my surgeon, Dr. Burch. The counseling session went well. We went over things that has become common knowledge to me but it was nice to go over it, especially with a group. There were 4 other women in the session, all but one getting the same procedure as me.

My meeting with Dr. Burch went really well too but, while talking to him, it dawned on me how quickly the surgery is coming up. March 3rd. Like in a movie, where the camera focuses on me and begins to get blurry, transitioning into a montage of how my life was going to be in just a few weeks. Seeing myself having to adapt to this new way of life, I saw myself loving and hating it. Still thinking about it, I snap out of it when  Dr. Burch asks how long I was taking off of work. My answer: “well, I’m only taking two weeks off…ya know, I even thought about working from home the second week.” He looks at me, grabs my hands and tells me to just listen. You can tell he hated that answer and shit just got real. He says he recommends 6 weeks off of work. I try not to gasp and continue to listen to him. He explains his reasons which make complete sense.  This is a major life changing event and while I’m recovering, I should be building this routine, this new lifestyle and going back to work after two weeks could interrupt it. I said I may take 3 weeks off, that I cannot imagine being away from work for 6 weeks. He says he’s looking after me and says “i’m your doctor forever.” I smile and say “forever,eh?” He smiles and says “of course I am.” What can I say, we get along well. 

As I’m heading home and thinking about what he said,  I begin to panic. Holy shit, this is less than 3 weeks away. I need to do something. I need to buy everything and get prepared. My life is going to fucking change!!

Later that night i spoke with Peter (boyfriend) about what Dr. Burch had said. He thought it was wise to listen to him and at least take a month off. I agreed. The next day I spoke with HR and increased my time off to 4 weeks. If for whatever reason I am unable to go back after 4 weeks I can stay home an additional 2 weeks. 

I’ll miss work (believe it or not), but this is def. the best thing for me to do.

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Just keep chewing

6th February 2014

So my surgery is in a month and my nutritionist gave me a ton of things to do and remember. Of course there are some key things I’m trying to make a habit before the surgery. 

  • chew your food extremely well (like 50 million times)
  • drink lots and lots of water
  • take all the pills. ALL OF THEM
  • eat a ton of protein and veggies
  • no drinking until AFTER your meal

so a lot of this

just not when eating

So, that’s been going…slowly. But I’m keeping all of those things in mind most of the day. 

I started making a list on amazon of everything I need to buy before the surgery. The packet the cedars team gave me has a list of pills, drinks, shakes, food, etc to buy so I just picked from the list. 

Each day that goes by I keep thinking about what it’s going to be like afterwards, how I’m going to feel, how my life is going to change.

One of the easiest things that I thought was going to be a bit difficult was telling family/friends about the surgery. I’m okay with answering questions that they may have but I don’t think I’m going to change anyone’s mind if they don’t get it, disapprove, or judge me.


vertical sleeve gastrectomy

3rd February 2014

I received a phone call this past Wednesday that confirmed it. I was approved from my insurance company and the surgery was a go. After talking to my surgeon and work, we have a date. March 3rd.

me during that phone call.


I’m having my surgery @ Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. My surgeon, Dr. Miguel Burch is a pretty rad dude. Him and his staff are incredible and really know how to educate the patient. So, I have a pre-op appointment scheduled for later this month and while I count down the days, i’m getting ready.

As I’m preping for this life changing event I’m changing my eating habits


and trying to work out more.


too many gifs? the answer is no… always.

Anways, the cedars team has prepared me with a packet of what to buy and what to avoid. I even have a checklist of what to buy 2 weeks prior to my surgery. Oh yeah, that.

"Pre-operative weight loss is important with a laparoscopic procedure because when you lose weight prior to surgery, your liver becomes smaller and it gives the surgeon room to move the surgical instruments around in your abdomen."

This is a pretty big deal. Not only does it help with your surgery but I think it would also help b/c after your surgery, you can only drink liquids for two weeks. So really for four weeks you’ll be drinking a lot. Nope, no booze included in that.

SO, i’ll be documenting as much as I can before/after the surgery and try to include photos, videos, and yes, gifs.

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